Poppie & Bongo are the lead characters in a brand new, exciting, truly South African production for children and everyone young at heart.

It focusses on the friendship between Poppie and Bongo and their zany adventures.

Through this refreshingly different music- and dance-productions, the audience encounters Poppie, a cow, and Bongo, her canine friend. They are one their way to Rocky and Mia, their penguin pals, who are stuck on an oil ridden island. En route they entertain everyone with their quirky humour and sing-along hits.

Poppie & Bongo is a Bongopop Media creation which has been staged by Spektrum Children’s Theatre. This unique production is a larger-than-life, interactive puppet experience which is taking South Africa by storm.

Their first CD has also been released and promises to be a hit in every South African household!