The classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast has been quirkily reworked by Gaerin Hauptfleisch and promises to entertain just as much as Spektrum Children’s Theatre’s previous offerings.

Beauty’s father decides to go to the city to make his fortune after losing everything he has. After being robbed and swindled he decides that wealth is not all it’s made out to be and returns home. On the way it becomes very cold and dark and he takes shelter in a mysterious castle in the forest. The next morning he discovers a beautiful rose and remembering a promise he made to Beauty he picks the flower. Here enters the Beast, the owner of the castle who makes Beauty’s father promise to send her to his castle to live there forever or else the consequences would be terrible. Beauty’s father can do nothing but agree, but everything is not as it seems. Will Beauty survive her stay, why is Handy Andy looking so nervous and who is the Prince in Beauty’s dreams? For all the answers audiences will have to come and see for themselves what happens in Spektrum’s colourful fantasy world.